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Originally Posted by penny3333 View Post
It breaks my heart when I read about this in Mexico. I know we have problem areas in the US and Canada, too, but I think we have a little better handle on the situation.

Detroit is a prime example of what crime does to a city. It was once a vibrant area. Now it is a ghost town. No jobs, mainly gangs, a shell of its former self.

I guess all we can do is stay aware of what is going on, read as much as we can, and use common sense.

I'd hate to see some of the ports removed or Mexico removed totally. However, it wouldn't be the first time it has happened and unfortunately, probably not the last.
Penny, When was the last time you were in Detroit? Being from Michigan originally I know that Detroit and Michigan in general, has a high unemployment rate due mainly to the auto industry. Detroit however; hardly is a ghost town. It is thriving with Greek Town and it's three large casinos "Greek Town", "Ceasars" and "MGM". The Tiger baseball stadium, Cobo Hall, and Joe Louis Arena, all draw huge crowds for events. Not to mention the Pistons Hockey team that play at the Palace. Detroit has been working on fixing up the water front with remodeling condos, shops, and restaurants.

You're right. The best thing for anyone to do is use common sense and be aware. This holds true no matter where we travel in the world.
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