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Originally Posted by Van Beach View Post
Why do people buy liquor and bring back with them? Do they drink that much that it saves them that much money to buy outside the US? Seems like an unnecessary inconvenience to save a few dollars.
Let me see. A 40 oz (1.14 L) bottle of Johnny Walker Red will set me back $45.00 CDN at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. In St Maarten a 1Litre bottle was $13.99 US (the current exchange rate being 1.05 US to 1.00 CDN).

I told this joke to one of the cruise directors. Canadians are allowed to bring back 40oz of Liquor, while Americans are allowed 1Litre. Canada has been metric since 1972 wile the United States is still using the imperial system. What is wrong with this picture?

(Canada used to use 40 oz bottles before the switch. We kept the same size bottle, just re-labeled to metric)