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Good morning mystixboi
Congratulations on your first honeymoon. If you find cruising as addictive as the rest of us, you'll have many more.
I've been on the Exploroer 4 times, but never in November. Unfortunately there's no 'typical' when it come to November weather.
65-75 degrees will certainly allow you to spend time on deck, you just may not find it sitting by the pool in a swimsuit weather. Although some years it may be much warmer.
I do have to say, that although she's a little older, I love the Explorer.
There are so many things do do on board, and so many things to do on Bermuda. It's rich in History, and while it may not be the perfect time for jet skiing and sailing, the beaches are still beautiful for walking and just enjoying the sound of the waves and the gorgeous vistas.
With that being said, if you're looking for a warm beach vacation, this probably isn't it. With that you'd be better served with the Bermuda, Bahama cruise that stops in Nassau and Cocoa cay.
Try finding a travel agent who can work with you on the specifics. There are a lot more cruises leaving from the NY/NJ area these days. Take the time to find exactly what you're looking for, especially since it's your honeymoon!

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