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Originally Posted by akatzwaa View Post
I am thinking of taking the Explorer Of The Seas this would be my first royal Caribbean cruise. I have been on 6 or 7 Carnival cruises and have been told the food is much better on Carnival. I have also been told that many of the dinning options you have to pay for on RC.

Can someone tell me which dinning options do you pay extra for on the Explorer Of The Seas and how much more do you pay.
To answer the question which do you pay for: Johnny Rocket's has a nominal surcharge of $4.95 per person.
You will pay for ice cream at Ben & Jerry's, and any speciality coffees (Lattes, cappuccino,etc) & teas at the Cafe Promenade.
The speciality restaurant Portofino has a surcharge. It's $20-$25 p.p.

Meals in the main dining room and at the Windjammer cafe are complimentary. There is no charge for ice cream served on the menu in the dining room. Also, coffee in the main dining room or at the Windjammer is complimentary. You should also find regular coffee served 24hours complimentary. There's no reason you need to pay extra for any food if you don't choose to do so.

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