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Default No insurance-need to cancel. Now what?
I recall when we booked the trip my wife asked about insurance and I said “If we have to cancel it would have to be something serious so I am not going to worry about it.”

Well now I am 40 days out and $3300 in and my wife is on her second week in the hospital due to unforeseen heart problems. The good news is, we have gone from talking about dying to ‘We are optimistic she could make a full recovery in time.” but it is doubtful that “in time” is within the next 39 days.

So I called Travelocity and they basically said I was SOL. I could either leave her or I could let them keep half and no one goes.

So I called Carnival, they gave me a fax number and told me to ‘fax in my story and someone would make a judgment call on it.’ So my question are, has anyone done this-am I wasting my time? I really would be OK with a voucher for a later date if they couldn’t do a full refund but for now I just don’t see that we will be able to make the trip.

Any advice?