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Default Silent Debarkation?
Anyone else had this, and how did it go? This is where they don't call numbers. They did this last week on the Fantasy. It seemed to go pretty well, granted I slept through it and can't make an accurate assessment. Something makes me think it wouldn't work well on the larger ships. It was nice to get a few hours extra sleep and not have to hear the numbers being called.

The Empress Deck folks were supposed to go to the Universe Lounge. It pays to go to the Debarkation Talk, as I didn't know this. So they had the Empress Deck corridor doors closed to the lobby. Luckily a Cabin Steward told me to just open it and I went on in to the Lobby and "pinged" out.

One of the last ones off the ship as usual. Hey, it makes your luggage easy to find.