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Originally Posted by macmom111 View Post
I might have this wrong but if you booked early saver I think you can change to another date for a small fee.... couse like I said I might be wrong
It is confusing. For the benefit of all readers I will attempt to explain how it works. Early Saver Rate Bookings can be changed for a $50 Service fee per person (no name changes) prior to the penalty (final due date) period. After that normal penalties apply.

If this would have been out side of penalty, it would be just a case of canceling the cruise with a full refund of monies paid if not Early Saver.

If things don't work out, they could possibly sell the cruise if it is not an Early Saver rate booking. I think the name change fee is $50 per person, though I am not certain.

Following Penny's lead, I will disclose that I do not work for Carnival. I just stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.