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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
That was fast! Yes, it is only on the Fantasy now, and due to the challenges facing Charleston. They actually clear the ship faster with this method.

CruiseDad, Thank you for reminding me that this could be the case. I sorta thought it could be with knowing the current challenges there.

I talked with the kids last night, they are in NH ready to return in a few days, It is apparently just 1 woman mostly that complains. He took a sound level outside the ship last Jan and it was less loud than the concert that was playing nearby on one of the commons. However, this is why no music is played on Lido deck when in Charleston port. They are doing everything they can to limit soun level when in Charleston. It is expected that the new port accomodations will help mitigate any ship noise. But if it is truely coming from somewhere else none of that will help. It is all just part of doing business.

I am the QUality Manager at a Manufacturing facility in NH and we have a person across the street that complains to us every time our manufacturing neighbor's forges let a smell into the air. She sees the Steam released from us and associates it with the smell. We do the best we can to keep her happy. Not unlike the Fantasy situation.

However if the quiet debarkation is recieved well by passengers it could stick. Did you happen to watch any of the power point on the ships TV during the debarkation process. My son-in-law did that and linked it to the gangplank by VPN so the guests can see what group is leaving now. Pretty neat