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Originally Posted by f-mattox View Post
Thank you Penny; We're going to spend a couple of days in Ft. Lauderdale for the first time when we cruise on Ruby Princess in November, '12 so this may be very useful. We have always just gone from the airport to the pier. We've been through the Caribbean on our way to the Panama Canal but have never done an actual "Caribbean cruise." Pretty funny: you're coming West and I'm going East; someday well meet. Hey, come on along on Ruby Princess, 11-11-12, Eastern Caribbean.
We might be on the same trip as we normally go that time of year. NO kids to speak of & great weather. It's been a while since our last Ruby cruise & they do have a production show that the others don't - Once Upon a Dream. The last Ruby cruise we were on the food was much better than the other ships but it's been a while & things may have changed. Other than that it's exactly the same as the Crown and Emerald.
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