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Van Beach
I stayed at the Hampton on Stirling in April. The Comfort Inn on the same property is actually newer and has a nicer pool area. It's right next to a large plaza with lots of stores and restaurants. There's a pharmacy, so if you want to make a list and buy toiletries there rather than the travel sizes, you could do that too. There's a McDonalds, a Taco Bell and Pizza delivery also. They both offer free breakfast buffets.They have a shuttle service to the ship and from the airport, although it's all so close there, a cab is only about 12 dollars pp.
As far as your flight out, it depends on the ship. Some of the larger ones take a long time to clear.The airport is small and gets VERY congested as the day progresses. Remeber, you don't just have to be at the airport, you have to be IN the airport. It also depends on the season. The busy season is over right now. It's unusual to see more than 2 ships in port.

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