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Originally Posted by djse60 View Post
I went on my 1st cruise April 13th, Carnival Fantasy to Bahamas. WE loved the Adult Serenity area and spent much time there. We had such a blast I already booked my next cruise for August, but I booked by port and destination and didnt really look at the ship are then its size.

Now Im realizing the triumph doesnt have a serenity area on the ship, at least not yet.

Anyone been on this ship that can tell me about it?

I've sailed the Triumph twice a few years back. You will like this ship. Good layout and well porportioned. I also liked the Serenity Deck on the Fantasy, nice to have a hot tub just for adults. I do believe that the Triumph has 1 tub that is adults only but you may have to ask the attendants to enforce it. But if you just want some nice peace and quiet while you watch the ocean go by, go out on the side decks. I think there is an entrance from the Atrium Bar on Deck 3. Almost nobody goes here. I take a book, grab a deck lounge chair and just chill. There is no waiter service but the atrium bar is not far away.

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