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Default Alaska shore excursion: White Pass Scenic Railway
This summer we'll do the Alaska cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver on the Diamond Princess.

I have a question about the "White Pass Scenic Railway" excursion from Skagway and I hope someone here has done this before and can answer it for me.

The White Pass Scenic Railway excursion is supposed to be a 3 1/2 hr trip and the itinerary says:
- train from pier to White Pass Summit: Travel time: 01:35
- summit & engines move from the north to south end: Travel time: 00:20
- southbound journey back to Skagway & the cruise ship pier:Travel time: 01:35

The excursion is available at 8.10 AM, 12.40 PM and 4.30 PM

We would like to take the last one, giving us time to have a relaxed breakfast and explore Skagway town before we leave for the train.

But now I see there's 3 1/2 hours scheduled 8.10AM -11.40PM and 12.40PM -04.10PM, but only 3 hours for the 04.30PM - 07.30PM trip.

Does this make the 4.30 PM the wrong choice?
How can there be a 30 minute difference on the same route?
Is the train going faster? Is it skipping something?

Does anyone know this?
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