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Originally Posted by LHT28 View Post
I agree
What is more amazing they remember you from previous cruises
I may have told this story before, so forgive me if it's not the first time you've seen it. When we were on Norwegian Majesty in 2005, the maitre d' looked very familiar to us. When he got closer and we saw the name on his tag, we remembered that he had been our waiter on NCL's Dreamward back in 1995. He told us he came over as he recognized us, and remembered serving us on Dreamward... he mentioned exactly where we sat. Of course, the skeptic in me said to myself that he would know where we sat, as that was his station. Yet, that skepticism was short-lived when he followed with, "Weren't your parents traveling with you on that cruise? How are they?" WOW... they had been!

I hope we were remembered for good reasons! (And, yes, the maitre d' received a nice tip from us!)
Happy cruising!
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