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I am one who thinks that the soda card package is way NOT worth the money. My wife and I like a diet coke once in a while, but learned on our first Mariner cruise that the card package was way over priced for the product gained, and was much a better bargain just buying a can of soda at the bars. In MY mind, all inclusive means similiar to something like a Sandals resort type vacation, where everything, including drinks, is bought and paid for before you arrive, and you don't have to go somewhere else to get what you'd like to have. So far, the only package things we get through or on the ship are excursions; being kinda **** about being on time back to the ship before sailing, I tend to stay with the ship-purhcased trips so that the ship can't leave you behind due to a time problem.I'm sure everyone has a story of some sort-that's what makes this site so valuable-if you spend the time and read some of the posts, you can find out many thoughts and ideas about just about everything relating to the ships, and the industry, and the fun.

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