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It should just pick up where you left off. If you slide the power key off (to turn it off after you stop at the hotel), then turn it back on the next morning, I think it should just pick up where you left off, and continue to get to where you're trying to go.

If you mean trying to find a hotel along your route, then you can just go into the points of interest menu, and down on the bottom, where it states "Near," select that, and on the menu that comes up, select the option that says something like "along my route." Once you find a hotel, you can set it as a via point, meaning stop there, then continue to your destination, as opposed to just setting the hotel as the final destination.

However, if you find the GPS completely reset itself when you turn it on the next morning, after you select "Where to," one of the options should be "Recently found." If you hit that, it will come up with the locations you've recently found using the GPS.
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