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This is the help I have been looking for. I really am not used to big bus tours, yet I am tempted only because of the time factor-concerned about getting back to the ship in time if my husband and I choose to do outings on our own. I still have questions, however. For example: I know that the same train from Naples to Pompeii also stops at Herculaneum. Does one merely buy a r/t to Pompeii? Or are these separate tickets, if we get off and on either going to or coming from Pompeii? Same question: if we go to Pisa from Livorno and then on to Lucca? Except, if I remember, that IS a train change so it is not exactly the same. What if we go to Pompeii but aren't sure if we'll have time to stop at Herculaneum?!! (only one day in port! What was I thinking?) Must times be reserved on the tickets? Also when I looked at the on-line booking site for trenitalia (Livorno-Pisa, for example) early trains were not available from port. (no little shopping cart symbol) Does this mean that NO seats are available on those trains or does it mean that no on-line advance purchase tickets are available for those trains? This makes a big difference. I wouldn't want to BEGIN my day's outing at mid-day! When I traveled years ago, I had a pass and I never remember a train being full. We sail on Norwegian Gem on 8/3 so I'd really like to know if using trains will work out for me before we go! Thanks. Jezzabell
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