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Sorry to hear about your trip. We were on the same ship and ended our cruise by coming down with the virus about the time we were walking in our front door! My wife and I got it really bad, but fortunately, our son escaped it. When researching this virus on the internet, I found that the Sea Princess has a history of this virus since 2006!!! It seems to me that Princess Cruises is more interested in turning this ship around in port to get more passengers (and their money) on board for the next cruise, then they are in keeping people healthy. I find this especially disgusting when considering the fact that people have paid their hard-earned money to take these cruises. I think Princess has an obligation to provide a safe (and healthy) cruise to their customers. This ship needs to spend some time in port undergoing a complete detox and cleaning! Our extra blankets in the room hadn't been laundered in quite a while and had disgusting stains!!!! Princess Cruises, I hope you read these posts. Has anyone heard of a class action suit????
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