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Originally Posted by Border Cruiser View Post
Agree with all comments and was particularily disappointed with quality of food in buffet ,far too much food seemed to be leftovers from previous meals and were just recycled in another form ie curried etc. I am sorry but I will not cruise with Princess again. ps Did next cruise depart on time with or without being checked over for Norovirus?
I'm not sure they really care about the Noro virus until the problem surfaces, On our last cruise in the AT dining room the waiters took the leftover bread & butter from our 5:30PM seating & recycled them into another basket & butter dish for the next people to arrive. They did it discreetly on the side of their serving table but still in view of the people. I wonder what really goes on in the galley in the Horizon where no one can see.
My wife couldn't believe it & had always said that they throw out the leftover rolls & bread sticks.
Go reason to go with the first seating.
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