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Originally Posted by johnniekoda View Post
The best strategy is to not play online. Would you play blackjack at a casino where they took the cards into the backroom to shuffle them, where everything important happened outside your range of vision, where the whole thing, beginning to end was done in a dark room illegally and you’d have no recourse in the unimaginable event you could prove you’d been cheated? Online gambling from the US just about fits that description. The online casino strangers you play with provide the games because they have a vested interest in winning.
johnniekoda, Thanks, that's good advise and makes a great deal of sence. The web site wizardofodds had a link where you did not risk money but got to practise using their advise. I found that useful as I would look at my cards and decide what to do and then look at the advice and see if I was right. They could still be "suffling in the back room" but the worst that can happen is I get bad advice. I'll be careful not to do any real gambling except live and probably only on the ship for now. So far even on the practise site I have not been able to win so my goal is to "buy" and hour of fun with $100 or less.