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Default How do you prepare in the weeks prior to your cruise?
As you can see by the timestamp, I am up rather late tonight. The main reason: I'm in the last stages of cruise preparation, which for me is the creation of a booklet that includes our itinerary, ports of call (including embarkation port), shore excursions, ship history, and copies of important documents (such as insurance papers). I organize these by chapters in a three-fastener folder, with dividers separating each. One tab per port, and one tab each for the other categories.

Our cruise leaves in a month, and I have been so busy that I haven't started this until today! Fortunately, we've been on this ship and itinerary before (several times for the itinerary), so there's not a whole lot of new research. And, as I've made this booklet for every one of my cruises since 2003, the templates are already made.

So... my big pre-cruise plan is the creation of this folder. What are some of the ways you prepare as your cruise approaches?
Happy cruising!
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