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I do pretty much the same thing, Lisa; I just don't go the extra step of organizing all the papersork in a 3-ring binder. Everything goes into a file folder, maybe two for a cruise with lots of ports, with the things I know for sure that I'll need on top--boarding passes, shuttle confirmations etc. and the rest more-or-less organized into the order I think I might need it. This goes into a soft-sided leather briefcase with Passports, I.D.'s, cash and other valuables and dosen't leave my hand (except for security) until I'm face-to-face with the cabin safe.

My big thing is packing. I spread out EVERYTHING I plan to take on a big folding table in a spare room about 3 weeks ahead; then I spend the 3 weeks adding and subtracting items, some things numerous times . . . .refining . . . .refining . . . .until the day before, when I actually put it all in one suitcase and a garment bag. And after 35+ years of cruising, I still overpack; but I'm getting better.
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