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Hi all. We do most of what everyone has listed here. I am constantly on this site looking for past cruisers info on various islands and companies that have been used with success so that I don't have to do all the heavy lifting. As soon as we have decided to book a cruise the work begins and we start a folder and add lots of things along the way. Where to stay for 1 or 2 days prior to our cruise..Searching out the most cost effective insurance for our trips is very important to us as well. Researching a new island is one of the first things we do and look at where we dock and figure out what this new island will hold for us to see and do. Getting to know ahead of time, if we are on a new ship to us, how to get around and what the ship has to offer helps with making the first day or so lots easier. I agree, preparing after you have made that reservation is sooooo much fun and keeps the feeling of going on a cruise right up there. Oh, I haven't made a reservation for our next cruise YET... I need to start thinking about where and on what line we want to use this next time..I think it will be back on RCL as we have both remarked that we miss them.


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