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Getting to know ahead of time, if we are on a new ship to us, how to get around and what the ship has to offer helps with making the first day or so lots easier.
I agree. One of the sections of my booklet contains deck plans. And, as I love the history of ships, I might also bring along (if it exists) a copy of a prior deck plan to make comparisons. I'll be doing this for our upcoming cruise, as there have been some changes since we last sailed this ship.

Allow me to share a funny story related to this little quirk of mine. Prior to sailing SS Norway in 2001, I made sure to have deck plans of the ship when she was SS France. The first day of the cruise, a sea day, I wandered the ship with it, noting what was there that hadn't been in the past, and vice versa. Anyway, a couple came up to me, saying, "Oh, good! She's got a map!" Before I could respond, they were looking at it. The looks on their faces were priceless... not only did we happen to be in an area that had undergone significant changes, my "map" was in French!
Happy cruising!
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