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Hi Pasco08, welcome to CruiseReviews! Congratulations on your up-coming cruise. The soda package is worth it if you drink a lot of soda. They will only serve you the fountain sodas and not the cans. You can use it in the dining rooms, too. There is free coffee, tea, water (not bottled), juice (in the morning), and usually some type of sweet drink (lemonade, fruit punch, etc.) available at the buffet areas 24/7. I haven't sailed on the Legend, but most ships that have Texas Hold 'em use the electronic version. I believe all of Carnival's ships offer Texas Hold 'em. MCPayne is correct about embarkation. The lines can be long, but it normally doesn't take more than an hour to board, usually less. The rooms will not be ready until at least 1pm. It all depends on the previous cruise and how early the ship was cleared.

Hope you have a marvelous time, just be warned, cruising is addictive