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Wow, y'all are so well organized! I have a manilla envelope that I keep all the documents in and the passports. I really don't scope out the ship as that is my first thing I like to do when I board. I love checking out every deck to find my places to spend time. I take my camera with me and snap away. However, before I leave, I start packing about 6 weeks in advance. I make sure I have my overnight bag complete, plus the basic necessities in my large suitcase. Then I decide what clothes I want to take. Make sure they're all clean and I can fit into them I've usually booked my excursions unless it's an island I've been to many times, then I'll decide what beach or snorkel trip I'm going to take. Some of them, I just snorkel from the shore. I do make sure I have film for my 35mm and an extra chip for the digital, plus plenty of batteries. I guess I'm going to have to get better organized!
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