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Vanessa likes to use check lists for the luggage, which is her area. She also bought a luggage scale and so we don't get surprised at the airport. And, we weigh it twice and don't get too close to the limit.

My job is assembling the documentation, passports, checking in with the airline and printing those boarding passes. I also do the mail and newspaper holds. Up until my last flight to a cruise I would keep all of it in my roller bag. But then my connecting flight ran out of overhead bin space (hogs!) and my carry-on had to be gate checked. I was in a near panic all the way from ATL to FLL, and then when we arrived they told me that gate checked items would go to the carousel with everything else! I haven't run that fast in 30 years. So, that won't happen again. I'll be back to a small carry-on item for the vital stuff.

Just to make sure nothing has changed with Deltas rules, I also check their website to verify luggage sizes and weights. In fact I just did so.

Another thing to do - make sure your air reservations have complete TSA Secure Flight information. This is where they want your full name as on your ID, birth date, and ***. I checked our air last week and for some reason my wife's info had gotten messed up. This could create a problem at the checkpoint.

I have a bag of 35mm SLR gear but haven't used it in years. I'm charging batteries for my digital SLR as I type this.
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