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Our cruise this Saturday will be the first one in which we are actually driving to the port (Cape Liberty) and not flying. I have to admit that we have not even started packing yet due to a few incidents that have occurred unexpectedly in the last few weeks (basement backup that destroyed our finished basement, new ac & furnace installation due to water damage, and an elderly parent that will be coming home tomorrow after several weeks in the hospital) about needing a vacation! Anyways....fortunately for my family I had completed and printed our RCI Sea Passes a few weeks ago. All my misc paper work is in my backpack along with money, cameras, passports, etc. This does not leave my person until arrival in our cabin. I am actually looking forward to the 11 hour drive to NJ….hey anytime you leave Detroit it has to be better! So I guess the point I am trying to make is's never too early to start preparing. Packing (clothes)....we can knock that out in a few hours tomorrow night. Cya after Bermuda!
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