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Hi cbrown747, welcome to CruiseReviews. Thank you so much for taking time to post a great review. It sounds like over all the cruise was a success. I haven't ventured on the Oasis or Allure, but do have at least one of them on my bucket list. We sailed the Epic last year which is about the same size. I agree with you, the entertainment was over the top. Blue Man, Second City, Legends, every show we attended was just incredible. We even did the murder mystery which was a lot of fun. Did you do that on the Allure?

I totally understand about so much to do and see on the ship. After a week on the Epic I was still finding places. Did they do a behind the scenes on the Allure? We did that on the Epic and it was so marvelous. They let us into the bridge and that was such an incredible view.

Where are you off to next?