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Default Sea princess cruise -may 20-30, 2011
We recently completed a cruise on the Sea Princess. The cruise dates were May 20-May 30, 2011. A number of passengers were treated for the norovirus. Many announcements were made aboard the ship warning the passengers to wash their hands. I noticed that hot water was not readily available in the restrooms when I would wash my hands (unless I waited minutes). I thought I was home safe until May 30. Upon returning to San Francisco, I too became ill with the symptoms of the virus. Luckily, restrooms were available. I reported my symptoms to Princess Cruise Lines and received a letter of response from Princess. With the help of Gatorade and Imodium, the symptoms lasted only one day.

I wrote an e-mail to Princess as well as the CDC. I am convinced that Princess took my letter seriously. I am sure that the outbreak of the norovirus onboard was not the first occurrence of this problem. I would hope that in the future preventive measures are taken so that the same problem does not re-occur.

My wife and I did have a great time on the ship. Other than a few problems like unsatisfactory coffee and a few long lines while waiting to eat, the cruise was fine.
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