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I wonder why they picked during an economic recession to change the current policy. I don't believe the "survey" ever existed. I haven't even received a guest survey from the last 3 cruises.

It has already been proven that non-smoking ships suffer from revenue, such as Paradise did.

I think it would have made more sense to make the piano bar venue non-smoking fleet wide first, leaving the other policies as they were for the time being. I can see it now....light a cigarette in the casino while you are waiting on a table to play and being asked to leave.

The Fantasy Class ship is really the only class that suffers from the new policy. If you don't have a balcony and you don't like disco, or the lounge is closed, your choices become very limited very quick.

Honestly, I think this policy will be regarded by staff and crew in the same way the "alcohol policy" is enforced, at least as far as the cabins go. People really don't need to let this change upset their life or ruin a well needed vacation.

I'll still cruise, and more than likely on Carnival. But the closer they get to all the other lines policies certainly brings the other lines back into consideration for future cruises.
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