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I think this may turn into something like their attempt to go non smoking on the Paradise.... Once they implement the rules and see the revenue changes, they may alter some of the rules to fix any issues that come up. The Fantasy class ships may very well get rule updates because of the restrictions... especially the "no smoking in the cabin" policy. I can see that affecting them the most. The Fantasy class do not have the numbers of balcony cabins that the larger ships do. So smokers may abandon them because of it. However, John Heald quoted that 90% of Carnival's passengers are non smokers, implying that any smokers that would cancel cruises would be a small number. BUT how many of the 90% are children (not going to be smoking) or spouses of smokers that are going to go to other lines that allow smoking for the smoker in the family?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I don't know the rules on the other lines well enough to know how many allow smoking in the cabins..
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