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Let me get this numbers the people over a carnival cruise is around 3000 cruisers more or less per cruise...10% of that is 300 close around 75% of that 300 is married with no kids this gives around 500 less cruisers for every one if they decide to put this as a full no smoking cruise
so is arround 2000 less for month just in Puerto Rico on the carnival victory gives us the grand total of 24000 cruiser less for year

so if each one of them pays arround $600 overall
CARNIVAL IS LOSSING AROUND $14,400,000 per year
not so good for business

I will not cruise on a no smoking cruise
in way more logic for me is to stay on the caribbean if this come.
also if I cannot smoke what is the reason to get a balcony??
I already been on it in the past just cause I am a smoker and If I will have to leave my cabin everytime I will like to smoke is a no brainer...

my question

If I have a balcony and I don't smoke inside my cabin and then stuard says I did so
what rights I have to not pay the $250 extra?? are there any way to prove that I did not do it??

Or can they just say "you do it and have to pay no matter what"

This may be the reason to get a few extra $$$ fast without effort who knows...