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Cool Drinks
I, and I speak for only myself, feel that the SODA stamp cost is a waste of money. Cans of soda can be bought at any bar for about $2.50@, and they'll give you a glass of ice. The drink plans (alcoholic) are too new, and I've had no experience with them. The Windjammer (the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet), and the dining room have free coffee and tea, both iced and hot , and water. At breakfast, certain juices are free (orange and apple). I'm told that mixed drinks are comparable in price to a very nice restaurant, and beer is average priced. I'm also told to watch the prices on wine. A glass of wine for dinner can get expensive, in my opinion. On the other hand, the food is great (I think so) and there is free soft serve ice cream on the pool deck.
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