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Hi chefshaun, welcome to CruiseReviews! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, honeymoon, and cruise! I agree with Jim1012 on the packages, unless you drink a ton of soda a day. They do have a wine package that you can purchase. If you enjoy wine with your meals, you may want to look into that. What you don't drink at dinner, they will cork and serve it to you when you would like. There's plenty to drink that is free. Bottled water is not, but the water on the ship is better (to me) than the bottled water. Ice tea, hot tea, cocoa mix, coffee, and usually either juice (in the morning) or some type of punch (during the day and evening) are available 24/7. You can save money by purchasing drinks in regular glasses, not the specialty ones. The prices are comparable to a good restaurant/bar for alcoholic beverages. Be warned, cruising is addictive