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Wow, thank you both so much for the complements. Yes, I do sometimes feel outnumbered, but, my daughters are great and pretty much enjoy the same things (music, activities, etc) that I do. They love 70's and 80's music and don't care a whole lot about today's popular music. They even love Sinatra and jazz as well.

My little eight year-old absolutely loved the chocolate melting cake and got it for every dessert in the dining room. Out of the nine nights, I think I had it for six or so. I actually had the two of you in mind when I took that picture, knowing that I would be posting it here.

The snorkeling at Xelha was awesome! We are considering taking a trip to Cancun just so we can go spend a few days there. The natural lazy river that starts out under the mangrove trees is truly a sight to see and we also enjoyed the zip lines and cliff jumping as well (unfortunately we didn't have our camera with us for that).

The back-to-back was great as well. It was so wonderful on the first leg (the four night cruise) knowing that we still had a whole different five night trip coming up. I think we will try that again soon. It was great to bypass the hoards of people in the customs line, only to get right back on the ship. We then had the whole pool/waterslide to ourselves for about 1.5 hours. Just amazing. My eight year-old would routinely spend over six hours in the pool on the sea days. We had to drag her out to go to the restroom and eat lunch.

I am going to post a review soon, but with Father's Day and all, and starting back to work today, I have been rather busy.

My family had such a great time on the Elation that I don't know what they will think of the Freedom of the Seas in November. I hope it lives up to the hype for them.

Thank you and God bless you,