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I got the soda package for husband and I. Also got the juice and water package. The juice package we could of done without. The water package could be iffy depending if you are "picky" or not (some people may not like "faucet water"). I may not get water package again.

My husband drinks A LOT of soda. He easily went through more than 6 a day (probally closer to 8 or 10 a day). IF either of you drink coffee they will fill "mug" up in Windjammer with coffee. (They did for me on Freedom past October). The soda "mug" is bigger than coffee cups and less chance of it spilling. NOT sure if they will fill it up with juice for you, Actually I MAY have done apple juice once (memory is shot ) So you probally could get away with soda package..Atleast save you some $$$..Totally oposite view than Jim, but another thought process.

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