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Totally disagree with this. We were in this port this April and it was one of the greatest stop on our trip. We love the city and the people are so friendly. We are going down to this city for a whole week just to look around this wonderful area. Why are the Americian so quick to jump on cancelling these ports. We have plane full of visitors from Toronto going down every day and there has been no cases or report of problems. Our best friends just came back and had the best time in history. We love Mexico better than Hawaii!! We were welcome with open arms. In Hawaii no one meets you at the docks and we found the Hawaii people to be more unfriendly. We made many friends in Mexico in just one day, so that is why we are going back for a week this time. I have say this many time. Every port has issues, even in Canada, so the passengers must be on the look out at all time no manner where you are. Even where we live, we are always looking over our shoulders. It was funny, we were on a Princess bus tour in this port and asked to be drop off before the driver reached back to the dock and the tour guide was not eager to let us off, but they did. When we stopped, half the bus got off behind us. We walk around one of the local area in town all by ourself and never once did we fell that it was dangerous.
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