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I would imagine that Princess is looking out for itself. If an individual wants to go to Puerto Vallarta, then they take on the responsibility for their own safety. If a cruise line puts the passenger on shore, they don't want the responsibility of the passenger getting mugged or worse. I can understand the liability issue. I've always enjoyed my Mexican ports, too. Haven't been on the riviera side, but Cozumel, Costa Maya, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, etc., have been great. I especially enjoy Costa Maya. Cozumel is becoming too crowded and not as friendly for my taste, but I still enjoy going there because the beaches are great. Most of the workers at the beaches are great, too. But it seems to me the stores are getting more pushy. Also, it worries me with all the underage kids in some of the more popular bars. But it's still a fun port and relatively safe.
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