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Originally Posted by hippygurl39 View Post
i heard from my brother in law everything is cheaper when you get off ship but i dont want to miss out on the things i want to do need some feed back please cruising on the carnival liberty aug 20th
Here are a few things to consider.
1) If you book thru the ship and your excursion is late, they wait for you
2) If you book thru the ship you have some assurance that it is not a scam and has been checked for safety
3) If you book thru the ship, when you get off ready to go, so is the tour
4) some excursion sell out early. If you want one of those book through the web before you even reach the ship.

With that being said, if you are familiar with the port, been there before and know the ropes yo may be able to save a bit. I personally don't think it is worth the trouble, you are on vacation spent a bunch for a cruise, don't save $25 and risk a bad tour.

Several Islands are really not safe if you leave the regular tour areas. I include Jamacia as one of those, even St Thomas is trouble if you get to far away. I took a run and in about a half mile saw abandon cars and houses, I turned back quick. But other islands you can walk around in perfect safety.

If it's your first cruise stick to the ship excursions