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Originally Posted by susanmaz View Post
CruiseDad - - - I LOVE it when I see male passengers formalled up in their kilts - - on our 2009 cruise, there was a table of 4 gentlemen - 3 in kilts and one in formal Navy uniform. They also turned heads. As far as I'm concerned - KILT UP ~ and stay formal for formal night. (although I have to admit, in our household the tuxedo has gone away - - we no longer have access to a free on - - but DH does have to wear a sport coat and tie !)

SusanMaz, Thanks for the confirmation that Kilts are still in. On a two formal night cruise I wear kilt (Royal Stewart or Winter Battle MacIntyre) and the second night a Tuxedo. And yes about 50% of my suitcase is formal wear, I don't care, It's fun. However for DH, try googling 'Buy a tuxedo cheap', You will find Classic New Tux for less than $100. I bought one. I use it 3 times a year, Cruising, Band Performace at Christmas, and usually 1 other time comes up. It has paid for itself many times over. I think it is a good buy.

I'd post a photo of me at my Daughter's wedding in it but I don't know how

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