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Unhappy Warning: Extremely Poor Customer Relations with Princess Cruises
Be careful if you have to work with Princess customer relations if you have any problems or complanints about your cruise. I recently cruised to Alaska on Princess this past June and had some pre-cruise issues regarding my stateroom assignment. What followed was not what I had expected as far as how their customer relations department handled my dissatisfaction/frustration for not getting the upgraded room I thought I was getting. They said I requested to cancel my upgrade when all I did was ask to see if the there were any other upgrade rooms available besides near the elevator. When I got on the ship, we were suprised to find out that we did not get the upgrade. Instead of trying to work with me and alleviate my dissatisfaction on the ship, they basically did nothing and said I cancelled the upgrade. It wasn't until over three weeks later after sending them an email from the deck of the cruise ship (I should be enjoying myself, not worrying about what to write in an email) did they get back to me. And this was after multiple telephone calls and messages in trying to get a hold of (name deleted) in the customer relations group. I even asked to talk to her manager and was denied. Even after reviewing my issue, they felt no wrong doing and it wasn't until I mentioned that I would have been satisfied with getting some shipboard credit as compensation during the cruise, did they even offer giving me a whopping $50 credit on my next cruise. Boy did it take some pulling of teeth to get to this point. Not what I expected from a large cruise ship company. Don't quite understand why compensation at such a very low cost to them is not worth customer satisfaction. Especially since it wasn't my fault for the goof-up. Princess Cruises, I am very disappointed with your response!

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