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moman65, so sorry to hear you were unhappy with Princess. However, I'm with f-mattox on this one. Princess offered you a "gift" of an upgrade, and you turned it down. Whether you purchased a "guarantee" rate with the possibility of an upgrade, or whether Princess was just nice enough to want to upgrade your room category for some other reason, you don't get to say, "I don't like the gift you gave me. Can you give me a different gift?" Princess offers you an upgraded room that you take or leave, and if you leave it, they offer it to someone else. This is how all cruise lines work, not just Princess. And then they give you a further gift of money off your next cruise, but you don't like that one, either. They were under no obligation to give you either gift.

It's too bad you let this nice gesture on Princess' part cause you to miss out on the wonderful time you should have been having, where you were trying to compose an email instead of enjoying the amazing scenery and onboard experience. At least you know for next time that you're better off paying for a specific cabin in a location of your choosing.
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