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RCI has also announced they are committing to a minimum of one million dollars in aid to Haiti.

I've been doing some studying of Haiti today, in particular the area near Labadee. Here are some things which might surprise some:

Although Labadee presents the image of an exotic isolated spot far removed from civilization it really isn't. The fact is the large city of Cap-Haitien is just 6 miles away, has a commercial port, an international airport, and other trappings of a city with around 200,000 people. A UN Peacekeeping Force is stationed in Cap-Haitien. Since road travel to the south is so poor, the port of Cap-Haitien will be vital in the recovery effort because of it's facilities and the airport. Ships with supplies have already sailed from Cap-Haitien for Port-Au-Prince. Thus, the materiel being dropped off by RCI doesn't have far to go.