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Just wanted to update everyone.

My wife recovered enough to make the trip so I can't say what Carnival would have done. It was a challenge at times as she isn't at 100% yet but probably no worse then some senior cruisers have it. It was almost full time work for me caring for her and our 2 children but well worth it for them.

Just a note for those traveling with medical equipment. My wife is still using a machine at night that generates O2 from the air to help her breath-it is about the size of a carry-on. We either red on Carnivals web-site or were told by their agent that we would have to carry this item o ourselves. We did, but when we reached the scanners we were told it had to be checked so the dogs could sniff it. I am not sure what the correct procedure is.

Any way, I'll post more. I have some other questions.