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Default How much drink is one really allowed?
Just got back (Like today) from our cruise. On the trip we bought some nice alcohol but I have 2 questions.

First, on the second night I purchased some Johnny Walker Blue Label and the woman at the check out insisted that I could take it to my cabin. She said "For these purchases you are free to take it to your room." Was she just pulling my leg? I elected to have it stored till the end of the cruise.

The real question is this-we are new to purchasing on the cruise and everyone gave us different answers as to the amount we are allowed. We bought 7 bottles and we get the custom form and it says "1 litter per traveler over 21."

Well, we thought we were screwed but honestly listed on the form that we had bought 7 bottles. When we faced the customs agent he asked what he had to declare and I said, " Just some hats and shirts as gifts for the kids, a few hundred in jewelry but under the 800 allowed and 7 bottles of alcohol." He asked if that was it and I said yes. He then said, "that's 3 1/2 liters per traveler?" I said yes again.

He stamped our paper work and said "welcome back-have a nice day."

They never asked for extra cash or anything so what really is the rule? Can I bring back 4 bottles per? 8? At what point do we pay taxers on the imports?

(Not complaining-just asking.)

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