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I agree with you about the vital / necessary medical equipment. Somewhat unrelated, my grandmother has a Life Alert type of device. This is a device that is hooked up to your home phone, and has a unit as well as a pendant that you wear either around your wrist or your neck. Last year when I went to go get her to bring her out here, we packed the unit in her suitcase, to carry on. At the airport security line, they just ran her suitcase through the x-ray machine a second time, but didn't question her. Going back home, they didn't have a question about it on this end.

I commented about that to my mom, and our only guess is that accompanying my grandmother back home on this end, that may be a device that the TSA security officers see often, and also, at 90 years old, it's not like my grandmother poses a threat! I guess on my grandmother's end maybe they just wanted to be sure that it was a Life Alert device, but not sure how they could do that just running the suitcase through the x-ray a second time.
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