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Excellent review, Brad! You made it seem like we were on board with you. I agree about Xel-ha, I could have spent days there, it is magnificent. I would have been on the water slide every sea day. I totally agree with you about the buffet area, some people can be so rude. I love the ones that call the family members over and have a conference while others are waiting patiently.

My hubby and I did the behind the scenes tour on the Epic. I can remember when it was free, but alas, no more. The bridge was truly my favorite area, too. What a view! It is so unbelievable that a little joy stick can control these massive vessels. What a change from the old days.

I sure hope you and your wife have perfect weather and an extraordinary time on your next cruise! I can totally understand how hard it would be trying to get ready for dinner with 5 in a cabin. I think Jim said he goes up to the gym to take his shower when he travels with his wife and daughters in one cabin. Whomever it was that said that, I did it on a cruise I took with a friend. It worked out great!