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I know they didn't seem like bug issues when they happened but for a waiter to treat you like that is NOT how they are trained.
We had bug issues on the Tropicale. A swarm of flies came on board in Cozumel. It was the oddest thing. The Lido deck with flies swarming every where. They must have smelled the cheeseburgers.

Of course I know you didn't mean bugs. Just trying to lighten things up. And on that note, we are all free to disagree and state our opinions. However personal attacks (not you Jim) are not in order here. So let's "knock it off" with that please.

I recommend Carnival to everyone I know. It is the best "Bang for your Buck" cruise line out there in my opinion. Any one on any cruise line can experience an "off" cruise. I know I have as well.