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Default SS Norway: Let's share our memories of her legacy
It has been 5 years since the SS Norway was beached in Alang. In 2000, I was planning on booking a cruise onboard the ship when my mother discouraged me from doing so. I wanted my family to experience this wonderful oceanliner with the hope that one day it would be renovated back to the SS France. When the boiler explosion occurred, I was hoping that NCL would fix her up for the next cruise. It never happened. I was very sad that my dreams of visiting the ship never came to pass. Fate has spared the Big U while the SS Norway was sent to the scrapyard.

I still remember searching for information on the ship with the hope that someone would buy her before she was beached. Remember John Voet and his company Blue Ribband/Gulf Desert? Who would have imagine that we were keenly focused on a hoax while the opposite was true: A one way ticket to Alang. The surreal experience of the SS Norway at Alang stil haunts my mind til this day. Does anyone else have a similar experience about the ship?
Dan Lague
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