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I have seen a more detailed response from the OP, and thought some of you might like to understand more why she was unhappy with Princess customer services.

She originally booked an inside cabin (deck5). Received an email one month before the cruise giving an upgrade to an outside obstructed cabin (deck8). Did notice it was near an elevator and was concerned about the noise since she has 2 young children that go to sleep fairly early. Not being familiar with the upgrade process and a baby at cruising (3rd trip), the OP called the Princess office at 6pm(unfortunately, during extended hours) to see if there was any other options.
The OP didn't tell the operator that she did not want the upgrade, only asked what were her options.
The OP says that the Princess operator said, " Why do ask for an upgrade if you don't want it?" She told her to call back during regular hours when they had access to the reservation system. And so the OP hung up. Little did the OP know that the Princess operator put in a request to get the OPs original room back without telling her she was doing this.
When the OP called back the next morning at around 11am, the different operator did not see this request had been put in the previous night and basically talked to the OP for about twenty minutes convincing her to keep the upgrade since it was a little bit bigger, the kids would like being able to see outside, it was higher up and the obstruction was most likely minimal inthis location. The OP hung up thinking she had kept the upgraded room. As stated earlier, that night the request went through without her knowing. The OP says she never even got an email stating that the request had gone through and she was reassigned back to her original room. Having had other emails for excursion changes, the OP thought that this big type of change would have also warranted an email

The OP admits she should have checked the room number when printing out the boarding passes, but she says she didn't think about it at the time. She says she had many other things to think about when preparing to leave for the trip.

I think that the Princess evening operator should have given a better response so the OP was clear that the upgrade was a once only offer and asked the OP if she wanted to accept yes or no instead of just deciding to cancel the upgrade on her own inititive.

I lost any sympathy I might have had with the OP when she admitted she didn't check the room numbers when printing the boarding passes. I always check my room information when I get it.
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